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SVPCHG Construction to start

December 2014


The partners of St Vincent's Private Community Hospital Griffith (SVPCHG) have today agreed to commence construction of the new private hospital following the signing of the project's Agreement for Lease between the partners.

The construction tender process will now get underway with the aim of commencing construction in February 2015. In the meantime, the private hospital partners are continuing negotiations with NSW Health to maximise shared service opportunities between the new Hospital and Griffith Base Hospital and improve the overall delivery of health services to the people of Griffith.

"Today's announcement marks the culmination of several years of planning between the hospital partners. All of us share a vision to provide improved health services to the community and today's agreement marks a major milestone in the journey to reach this end point," said Robert Cusack, CEO of St Vincent's Private Hospital Sydney.

"St Vincent's is committed to the Griffith region for the long-term and we are finalising the specific opportunities for shared services to maximise the potential for mutual benefit for both hospitals and ensure the private hospital's long-term viability. This includes opportunities to bring some new clinical services to Griffith by working together effectively," Mr Cusack added.

Griffith Mayor John Dal Broi has welcomed the positive news regarding the confirmed next steps for the private hospital.

"On behalf of Council and Griffith I would like to say we are delighted to know that the future of the private hospital in Griffith is strong and that all the partners in this project share the same commitment to maximising the potential for partnerships between the private hospital and Griffith Base Hospital," Mayor Dal Broi said.

"This latest milestone is very heartening news for our residents who recently celebrated reaching the $1M community fundraising goal for the hospital. We look forward to breaking ground in February as construction starts and seeing the hospital take shape during 2015," Mayor Dal Broi added.

St Vincent's Private Community Hospital Griffith will house a 20 bed inpatient unit, two operating theatres, and 20 day-only beds with the co-located Murrumbidgee Clinical Teaching & Learning Centre. Combined with the existing Griffith Base Hospital, the interlinked clinical and teaching campus of some 150 hospital beds and related community and primary care infrastructure will see a critical mass of healthcare services established for the people of the Riverina.

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