St Vincent’s welcomes Aged Care Taskforce recommendations, calls for adoption "in full"

St Vincent’s – Australia’s largest not-for-profit health and aged care services provider – has welcomed the release of the Aged Care Taskforce report saying it will set the aged care system up to be sustainable for the next generation and has called on the Federal Government to adopt its recommendations in full.

St Vincent’s – which operates 26 residential care sites along with virtual and in-home aged support under the ‘St Vincent’s Care’ banner in NSW, Victoria, and Queensland – said its role as a provider of public and private hospitals and aged care gave it a unique vantage point of the issue.

“We know – from working in hospitals, community health and aged care – exactly where the pressure points are in Australia’s aged care system are and what needs to change,” said St Vincent’s Care CEO, Lincoln Hopper.

“Fixing those pressure points – such as addressing the challenges of providing complex care for older Australians and the knock-on effect it can have in hospitals and other health and community services if not done properly – is crucial.

“Asking older Australians with means to contribute to their accommodation and daily costs of life - while government remains the majority funder of their care - is fair and meets the community's expectations.

“The reforms proposed by the Taskforce will set up the aged care system to be sustainable for the next generation. We now call on the government to adopt the report’s recommendations in full.

“Importantly, the phasing in of these reforms will allow for a sensible transition.

“Our residents and their loved ones have gone through a period of enormous change in the wake of the Royal Commission, and then again with the upheaval of COVID. They want reform to take place in a measured way and with fairness top of mind.

“As a purpose-driven organisation, we’re particularly focussed on the Taskforce’s recommendations to ensure a strong aged care safety net. We think what this report is proposing will achieve that.

“These recommendations also pave the way for greater choice in models of care for older Australians.

“By accounting for the gaps and flaws in the current aged care system, these reforms will allow for different models of care to be delivered in new ways and deeper into the community,” said Lincoln.

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