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St Vincent's expands mental health support via a drop-in service at the Green Park Hotel site

November 2020

Trustees of St Vincent’s Hospital have purchased the site of the Green Park Hotel to use for hospital related patient and community care.

St Vincent’s will not seek to extend the Green Park’s existing liquor and gaming licences but rather utilise the space to accommodate some of the growing needs of our health service including the community mental and urban hub health services.

The Green Park is rightly regarded as a fine example of Federation architecture, built in 1893, a key period in the development of Darlinghurst when the area was predominately working class. In more recent decades, it has become regarded as a particularly inclusive watering hole, especially for our LGBTQI community. 

We are very mindful that the site has long held a special place in the hearts of many Darlinghurst locals as well as St Vincent's staff,  and we will ensure we preserve the building’s heritage and acknowledge its historical legacy.




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