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Orthopaedic surgery is now ROBOTIC!

June 2015

Orthopaedic surgery is now ROBOTIC!

June 2015


Stryker’s robotic-arm assisted surgery is a minimally invasive treatment option for adults living with early to mid-stage osteoarthritis that has not yet progressed to all three compartments of the knee.

The robotic arm is controlled by the surgeon and allows for tactile, auditory and visual feedback and limits the bone preparation to the diseased areas.

It provides customised implant positioning, placement and real time adjustments for each individual patient. 

Patient benefits

A patient treated using this technique may experience a more rapid recovery and shorter hospital stay than traditional total knee replacement surgery, as well as a more natural feeling knee following surgery.

Ms Daniele Doyle, General Manager, Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital said, “ We are pleased to offer a new orthopaedic surgical option for patients who come to us with knee pain caused by early to mid-stage osteoarthritis.

Robotic arm precision 

The robotic-arm assisted surgery takes partial knee resurfacing to a new level of precision, when compared to manual techniques. 

Stryker’s Mako system helps the surgeon to assess bone preparation areas and implant positioning using a CT scan.  The robotic arm helps the surgeon to limit the bone preparation to the diseased areas and helps to position and place implants with greater precision.

Many of our orthopaedic surgeons have embraced this new technology and are leading the way on the Eastern seaboard of Australia”.

The hospital is committed to advancing its technological services and innovations, with plans to include this new robotic technology in hip and total knee replacements.

Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital is embarking on a comprehensive robotic program affiliated with QUT and medical robotics to support clinical research and innovation.

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