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Candidate Privacy Statement


1.    Overview and Definitions

(a) These Conditions apply to your use of this website and in using this website you agree to be bound by these Conditions.  St Vincent’s Health Australia (SVHA) may from time to time update these Conditions, and you should visit this page periodically to review these Conditions.

(b) If you do not accept these Conditions, you must not use this website and you will not be able to continue in this application process. Any applications you have made may also be affected.

(c) ‘Conditions’ means these St Vincent’s Health Australia Careers Terms and Conditions and the St Vincent’s Health Australia Privacy Policy, which explains how we manage your information. 

(d) ‘St Vincent’s Health Australia’, ‘SVHA’, ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘our’ are references to St Vincent’s Health Australia Ltd (ABN 75 073 503 536) and, where the context requires, includes any of its related bodies corporate as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) or affiliates (and where relevant ‘affiliate’ includes St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney ABN 99 269 630 262).

2.    Joining up as a Job Seeker

(a) Provided you accept these Conditions, you can join as a job seeker with us at any time if you have a current email address.

(b) By joining as a job seeker, you accept and acknowledge that we are not making any offer of employment, making any promises to you of employment nor making any representation at all to you about employment or prospects of obtaining employment.

3.    Information you provide to Us

(a) As a job seeker, you are responsible for ensuring that all information you provide to us and which we hold relating to you, is current,  complete and a true and accurate description of your personal details, employment history, skills and abilities. 

(b) You must not provide any information to us which is false or misleading in any respect and you must not enter any information on behalf of another person for any reason at any time. 

(c) If you fail to comply with this clause 3 then your account may be terminated or restricted and any applications you have made or any offer of employment made or accepted by you may be affected.  

4.    Deletion of Your Personal Information by Us

We may delete or de-identify your personal information and or terminate your account if we believe you have breached any of these conditions, or if we consider that your account is inactive, or if we decide to do so at our absolute and sole discretion.

5.    Collection of Personal Information

What is personal information?

For more information on what your personal information is and how we manage your information please refer to our Privacy Policy.  SVHA’s Privacy Policy contains information about how you can access the personal information held by SVHA about you and how you can seek correction of such information.  The SVHA Privacy Policy also contains details about how you can complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles. 

Personal information we collect;

(a) If you apply or register your interest for a position with the St Vincent’s Health Australia Group (SVHA) we may collect your name, date or birth, gender, curriculum vitae (including skills, academic history, qualifications, employment history), residential address, phone number, email address and your eligibility to work in Australia and within a certain profession. 

(b) SVHA may also collect sensitive information including:

  • membership of a professional or trade association or union
  • ethnicity or disability information (‘diversity and inclusion information’)
  • health information (including relevant vaccination and immunisation status)
  • criminal record information.

Why we collect, hold and share your personal information

In most instances, personal information will be collected directly from you. However, in some circumstances information about you may be collected from a third party source  such as a recruitment agency, , nominated referee,  or  government agency  for information we are legally required to collect such as visa status or other working checks.  SVHA may also collect information from a third party source such as ‘fit2work’ for Background Checks and in particular, criminal record information.

By submitting your application, and further participating in the recruitment process, you acknowledge  and agree that personal  information you provide in your application and throughout any recruitment process will be collected and stored by SVHA and shared with SVHA’s employees, officers and agents, and external service providers (including recruitment agencies, security organisations and recruitment website operators, who may be located outside Australia including Ireland), involved in the process, to the extent necessary to undertake the recruitment process. Sharing your personal information with external service providers will be limited to the extent necessary to verify details you have provided or to otherwise assess your application.

How SVHA may use your information

SVHA may use your  personal and sensitive information in the recruitment process as follows:

  • Identity, skills, qualifications, employment history and eligibility information: This information enables SVHA to confirm your identity, communicate with you in the recruitment process, and establish or verify relevant skills/ qualifications and your eligibility to work in the position at SVHA. This information may be shared with third parties including recruitment providers, nominated referees, educational institutions and government agencies for information we are legally required to collect;
  • Date of birth and gender (together with diversity and inclusion information): This information is not used to determine your suitability for employment with SVHA and is used only for statistical reporting, other than in regard to gender and date of birth information, which is collected and used in the latter stage of the recruitment process, to facilitate online access via the CGOV Cloud platform to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) (noting this is subject to a separate consent by you).
  • Health information (including your immunisation and vaccination status): A collection and consent notice which will be provided to you by SVHA at or about the time it seeks to collect this information from you (including via the AIR), setting out the type of information to be collected and the way in which the information is to be used and disclosed, including to identified third parties. 
  • Criminal record information/police check: A collection and consent notice will be provided to you by SVHA at or about the time it seeks to collect this information from fit2work which yields a National Police Certificate to determine suitability for employment.  SVHA may disclose your criminal record information to another SVHA entity /facility within the SVHA Group upon your secondment or transfer.  

6.    Registration and Password

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account including your personal information, registration and password.  You are responsible for all uses of your registration, whether or not authorised by you. You agree to immediately notify us of any unauthorised use of your registration or password.

7.    Indemnity

You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless SVHA and its current and former officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any claims, actions or demands, including without limitation reasonable legal and accounting fees, resulting from your breach of these Conditions.

8.    Application for Employment

By submitting an application for employment, you acknowledge  and agree that: 

(a) If any information given by you in an application is in breach of these Conditions, including information discovered to be false or misleading in any respect, or if you have omitted any relevant information, SVHA may refuse to employ you, withdraw an offer of employment or if you have been employed by SVHA (or any SVHA related body corporate or affiliate), your employment may be terminated.  

(b) You will accurately and promptly disclose all current and previous employment and relationships (other than as a patient) with any St Vincent’s Health Australia Group companies.

(c) As a pre-requisite to any employment (and in applicable cases for ongoing employment), you are required to provide SVHA and/or its third party contractor with all necessary consents, information and documents (such as certified copies of passports, visas, access to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and other relevant documentation) to enable SVHA to obtain the necessary security clearances  to establish your eligibility for proposed or ongoing employment , including but not limited to a criminal record or police  check.  

(d) Without limiting clause 8(c), any offer of employment (and in applicable cases ongoing employment) may subject to completion, clearance and maintenance of the following background checks (as applicable to the position):

(i) National Police Check (NPC)/National Criminal Record Check (NCRC) (note that further criminal record or police checks may be required in the future for certain positions)

(ii)    Working with Children check 

(iii)    Immunisation/immunity Check including access to AIR (for Covid-19 vaccination status)

(iv)    Reference checks

(v)    Proof of eligibility to work in Australia/ Entitlement to work 

(vi)    A statutory declaration for applicants from overseas and/or with overseas experience or in high risk areas stating whether or not they have been charged, convicted or found guilty of any offence and have no pending criminal charges or convictions from any country they have resided in or been employed in and include any records listing the date, type of offence and court outcome (‘criminal record statutory declaration').

(e) Your National Police Certificate or criminal record statutory declaration may be disclosed to another SVHA entity/facility within the SVHA Group upon your secondment or transfer to such a facility.

 (f) Without limitation, you warrant that there are no known conflicts or restrictions that would impact on and or prevent you from employment with us, or for undertaking for this role, and you agree that if, during this process or at any time during your employment you become aware of any such conflicts or restrictions, you will immediately notify us. 

(g) In order to help SVHA fulfil its obligations under Work Health and Safety and other relevant legislation, in submitting an application for employment you agree to disclose any disability, medical condition or injury or illness (of which you are aware) which may or could (or to ascertain if it may or could):
(i) affect your ability to perform the inherent requirements of the relevant position (proposed employment); and
(ii) require SVHA to consider reasonable adjustments in the workplace in order for you to safely perform the proposed employment; or
(iii) pose a risk to your health and safety, and/or the health and safety of your fellow employees, in the workplace and require SVHA to take measures to manage any risks.

(h) If required by SVHA, you
(i) authorise us to speak to your medical practitioners and/or otherwise obtain further information in regard to your disclosure as it pertains to (g)(i) to (iii) above;
(ii) agree to respond to any reasonable enquiries made by SVHA in regard to (g)(i) to (iii); and or
(iii) agree to undertake a company appointed medical examination,

for the purposes of determining and informing the matters set out above in subclause (g) in compliance with SVHA’s , legal obligations (together ‘work health and safety checks’). 

(i) You acknowledge and agree that any offer of employment is conditional on you satisfying the necessary checks and clearances referred to at (d),  (g) and (h).

(j) SVHA may check your visa status and your right to work in Australia with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (or any successor Department).

(k) An offer of employment will not be deemed valid unless such offer is formally made in writing by an authorised officer of SVHA (or the relevant SVHA related body corporate or affiliate) and will not be deemed to have been accepted until a copy of the written offer is signed by you and provided to SVHA as confirmation of your acceptance of the offer and conditions set out in the offer.

(l) Your appointment may be subject to a probationary period, to be confirmed in a formal offer of employment. 

(m) Where applicable to a position, upon request you may be required to provide SVHA evidence of vaccination for Diphtheria, Tetanus and/or Pertussis including one documented dose of adult dTpa (e.g. Boostrix or Adacel) prior to commencement of employment (and as required during employment to maintain your ongoing employment). 

9.  Governing Law 

These Conditions are governed by the laws applicable in New South Wales.

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