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Leaving hospital after treatment

Before you leave hospital you will receive a discharge care plan. This helps ensure a smooth and safe transition from hospital – whether you are going home, to another health care facility or a nursing home.

Your discharge plan

Your discharge plan should include: 

  • an evaluation of your condition by your health care team
  • a plan for going home or transfer to another health care facility. This may include prescriptions for your medications and a referral letter to your GP.
  • our recommendations for extra support you will need at home, and if your carer/family knows how to care for you or if they need further information or support.
  • referrals for home care and other community health care support you may need
  • arrangements for follow-up appointments and tests.

We will involve you in your discharge care plan and answer any questions you may have. Before you leave hospital it is important that you and anyone looking after you have all the information you need to safely continue your care.

If you are feeling concerned about going home, please discuss this with your health care team.


Questions to ask your doctor and health care team

Use our list of questions to ask your doctor and health care team to help you learn more about your condition and treatment and to prepare yourself for leaving hospital.

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