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Lockout laws have reduced numbers hospitalised due to alcohol-related violence

16 Apr 2015

Today we will receive the first official word on whether Sydney's lockout laws have been a success.

Queensland should embrace lockout and early closure laws to reduce alcohol-fuelled violence

8 Apr 2015

It gives me great encouragement to hear of the State Government's plans to introduce 1am lockout laws and 3am last drinks across Queensland.

St Vincent's Toby Hall on reducing alcohol-related violence and the NSW Election

5 Mar 2015

Tonight at a forum in Sydney, representatives from our major parties will announce their policies for the upcoming state election to reduce alcohol-related harm and violence.

Lighten CBD booze controls at your peril

12 Jan 2015

Chalk and cheese. That's the common response from frontline doctors and nurses at St Vincent's Hospital when asked about life before and after the introduction of Sydney's lock-out laws.

Medical research fund is a real life-saver

20 Nov 2014

Recently I came across the story of Debbie, a patient from Young in regional NSW. As a 47-year-old mum stricken with MS and rapidly losing her sight and ability to walk and speak, she was destined for a life in a nursing home until she was introduced to St Vincent's Haematologist John Moore.

The euthanasia lobby has hijacked the phrase 'dying with dignity'

17 Nov 2014

The hijacking of the term "dying with dignity" by today's supporters of euthanasia and assisted suicide is an insult to the dedicated doctors, nurses and pastoral carers who daily provide compassionate care, pain alleviation and spiritual comfort to the sick, the dying and their families.

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