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Co-payments by stealth will hurt low income and vulnerable Australians

20 May 2016

At some point in the future co-payments for mainstream health services are likely to be introduced, whether through policy or by default.

Are we finally seeing headway on hospital funding?

4 Mar 2016

There are signs, however faint, that the federal Government is finally engaging with the states on the issue of public hospital funding. Is it time to get optimistic about the future? Toby Hall writes.

From frontline of drunken war zone

11 Feb 2016

Queensland, like the rest of Australia, is soaked with alcohol. The data doesn’t lie.

Solving homelessness: We can't let alcohol dependence stop people getting help

1 Feb 2016

When it comes to solving homelessness we know what works. Mostly what we lack are the resources and political will to make it happen.

Doctors must stand up to the 'cowardice' that is ignoring bullying

3 Dec 2015

The recent examination of discrimination, bullying, and sexual harassment in the medical profession has created a watershed moment for the sector.

This is why you should care about the health of prisoners

27 Nov 2015

At first glance, today's new report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare on the health of Australia's prisoners paints an encouraging picture.

Call for private health insurance review as thousands of policyholders left without cover

25 Oct 2015

One of Australia’s largest health and aged care organisations has called on the federal government to announce a review of the private health insurance industry saying it was encountering thousands of policyholders each year who are being caught short – and left out of pocket – by an unexpected lack

Key must not turn on alcohol lockout laws

14 Sep 2015

Two years ago, on any Friday or Saturday night, the emergency department at St Vincent's Hospital Sydney would be awash with victims of alcohol-related bashings and accidents. It was a war zone.

Public healthcare won’t get better by itself – we need innovation and efficiency

15 Jul 2015

Our leaders must come to a satisfactory understanding about how to fund public health or our children will inherit a system unrecognisable to the one we know – and value – today.

It's time to take Melbourne's alcohol problem seriously

1 Jul 2015

Even the most parochial Australians tend to agree that when it comes to the nation's pre–eminent city for entertainment, it's Melbourne first and daylight second.

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