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The Time For Talking Is Over. We Need To Take Action On Homelessness

8 Mar 2017

I had an unusual feeling this week, something I haven’t felt in years: wary optimism that governments might at last be changing their spots on addressing homelessness.

Putting the pieces together in mental health

8 Feb 2017

One of the disappointing aspects of the ongoing debate about resourcing Australia’s mental health system, has been the portrayal of hospitals and their role in caring for some of our most vulnerable citizens.

Telling the homeless to get on with their lives is not 'tough love'. It's cruel and unforgiving

21 Jan 2017

If you want to maintain your faith in your fellow humans and their potential for love, forgiveness and respect for others, it’s routinely said you shouldn’t look at the reader’s comments attached to any online news article.

Cricket has a dangerous relationship with alcohol

27 Dec 2016

If you spent any time watching TV during the Australian summers of the late '70s or early '80s, chances are the Tooheys beer "How do ya feel?" cricket ads are seared on your memory.

Mike Baird needs to hold firm on 10pm bottle shop closing time if he is serious about fighting domestic violence

12 Oct 2016

If Premier Mike Baird is serious about tackling domestic violence, and we believe he is, then he must remain committed to the state-wide 10pm closing time of bottle shops on the back of the significant reductions in assaults these changes have brought.

Lockout laws save us from hell of violence

15 Sep 2016

Justice Callinan’s report into the NSW government’s liquor laws is a resounding endorsement of their success.

If only we got as angry about homelessness

21 Aug 2016

Criticism of the Prime Minister for donating $5 to a homeless man in Melbourne's CBD last week was ludicrous.

How we're fixing what went wrong at St Vincent's

4 Aug 2016

The past six months have been some of the most testing in St Vincent's Hospital's 160-year history.

The unpalatable truth is we'll pay more for health, but we can get the system we want

19 Jul 2016

It’s clear from the prime minister’s post-election comments that all bets are now off when it comes to health policy. Because while the Coalition won the election war, it clearly lost the health battle.

Restoring the Balance: A new approach to alcohol

9 Jun 2016

We’re yet to reach this stage during the current election campaign, but sometime over the next four weeks it’s likely we’ll hear our politicians talking about their policies to secure our borders to better detect and cut off the flow of illegal drugs.

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