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At Least $1bn Boost Needed To Meet Demand For Alcohol And Other Drug Treatment Services

14 Dec 2018

The alcohol and other drug treatment system needs a boost of at least $1 billion per year if it is to address unmet demand, according to a group of health and welfare organisations that have come together to call on governments to make sure that people in need are able to access treatment.

Two-year ‘Eltham Project’ to provide housing and support to Syrian refugees draws to a close

3 Aug 2018

The two-year initiative to provide medium-term accommodation and settlement support for refugees from Syria and Iraq at an Eltham aged care village is drawing to a close with all residents on track to make the transition into long-term housing by September.

Drug testing dole recipients will only make addiction worse, but the government won't hear it

11 May 2018

Fifty-two. That's how many submissions were made to the Senate inquiry into the Government's drug testing bill for welfare recipients, which handed down its findings this week.

Melbourne’s medically supervised injecting centre trial must be open to all injecting drug users

20 Apr 2018

A medically supervised injecting centre has never been attempted in Melbourne. There’s no getting away from it, it’s a pretty big change. And change can be concerning, confronting and even scary.

I hope to God I’m not writing this same opinion piece in five years’ time

18 Mar 2018

The homeless count from the 2016 Census was released this week and it’s hard not to get a feeling of déjà vu. As with previous counts, the results are damning. In almost every category, homelessness has grown worse.

Australia won the Ashes but Australia's children lost big time - it's just not cricket

24 Jan 2018

If you sat down and watched the Ashes over the holiday break, tell me you weren't at times assailed by ads for alcohol products?

Fools Gold: Cricket Australia’s partnership with Lion’s XXXX Gold of no value to Australians

24 Nov 2017

Imagine for a moment, an exemption to a rule or regulation that completely undermines its protections, to the point that the regulation is fundamentally broken.

We do not like to talk about death – but that doesn't make euthanasia the answer

14 Nov 2017

One of the hallmarks of the euthanasia debate so far – in NSW and Victoria – has been the determination of its proponents to depict any opposition as being based purely on religion. So, before I go on, perhaps it would help to make the following clear.

The hidden implications of assisted suicide and euthanasia

7 Oct 2017

A feature of the current debate on assisted dying, particularly among its proponents, has been the personal stories of distress involving the death of loved ones.

Let's talk about dying

27 Aug 2017

Australians are rubbish at dying. Don’t take it personally, so are most people who live in the developed world. Anxiety about death has grown deep roots. Dying is something that has become hidden away and to be desperately resisted at all costs.