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Putting a lower value on older lives is unethical

22 Sep 2020

Last week, a chorus of celebration broke out across Melbourne as 100-year-old Roy Bartlett walked out of St Vincent's Private Hospital after winning his six-week battle with COVID-19.

Aged and healthcare silos create a life-and-death tragedy

5 Aug 2020

There’s no shortage of analysis about the horrific COVID-19 crisis in Victoria’s aged care facilities and what it reveals about a system near collapse.

An open letter from the CEO of St Vincent's Health Australia

4 Aug 2020

We have spent the last five months acknowledging and celebrating the sacrifice and dedication of frontline healthcare workers in the face of the pandemic, and rightfully so.

Australia’s Alcohol and Other Drugs sector calls for certainty and a national plan to build on covid changes

22 Jul 2020

Australia’s alcohol and other drug (AOD) sector is calling on federal, state and territory governments to make permanent or expand on reforms introduced during the pandemic to better support people experiencing issues with substance use.

Injecting room recognises what life is like in the real world

6 Jun 2020

For the entirety of my 23 years at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, when a person unintentionally overdosed in the city's inner east they have generally been brought to us for emergency care and treatment.

The return of midnight bottle shop trading gets little attention, but expect violence to rise

13 Jan 2020

When the clock ticks over to January 14 on Tuesday – and the NSW government’s reforms to Sydney’s lockout laws come into effect – most eyes will be on the CBD and the removal of the 1.30am "one-way door" and 3am "last drinks" measures. What will the impact be?

The surprising truth about Australian hospitals – we don't need so many

17 Dec 2019

For a long time I've argued that a significant barrier to substantial reform in healthcare in Australia is that the main players are too captive to their membership bases or special interests to be willing to leave their corners and engage in meaningful discussion.

Premier, please help us save young lives: a plea from 27 doctors for pill testing

28 Nov 2019

Over several decades, we, along with many of our clinical predecessors have been involved in the treatment of those suffering harm from drugs and alcohol at St Vincent’s Hospital.

Sydney likely to experience more alcohol-related violence if NSW Government waters down lockout laws

30 Sep 2019

Sydney is likely to experience an increase in alcohol-related harms if the Berejiklian Government accepts the recommendations of the Joint Select Committee on Sydney's night time economy to remove the ‘3am last drinks’ measure in Sydney’s CBD and extend trading hours for sales of takeaway alcohol, according to St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney.

Don't humiliate Newstart applicants with drug test - it's no way to tackle addiction

10 Sep 2019

The stories emerging from the NSW "ice" inquiry – of desperate individuals and families unable to get help for their drug problems – are simply harrowing.

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