Striving for something greater is about pursuing excellence in our day-to-day work and aspiring to greater heights, whether that be in providing ‘person-centred care’, our clinical research endeavours, or in our business operations. It’s about improving and enhancing our workforce, pursuing more efficient facilities, and delivering an even more outstanding safety performance.

Clinical Governance

St Vincent’s Health Australia’s clinical governance program is the cornerstone of its reputation for delivering excellent patient outcomes, and ground-breaking clinical practice and research. To deliver this service, we work in partnership with leaders, managers, staff, patients and the community to ensure that the appropriate systems and processes are in place to achieve our ambitious plans at scale and pace.

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Our People

St Vincent’s Health Australia employs more than 19,000 people across over 30 locations. Providing a workplace which allows our staff to flourish and make individual contributions to our overall Mission is integral to our enVision2025 strategy.

One of our ongoing challenges under the strategy is providing staff with a safer workplace. However, each year we have improved our performance and that has continued over 2017-18.

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