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A tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

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The passing of Queen Elizabeth II is a momentous event – for the world, for Australia and other members of the Commonwealth, and for many of us as individuals.

Throughout her life, she expressed her faith through service and committed her whole self to the welfare, wellbeing and prosperity of her people, particularly in times of conflict and great challenge. In that respect, she was an example to us all, and will continue to inspire millions.

We temper our sadness at the Queen’s passing with the knowledge that she was a truly remarkable figure who brought great joy and happiness to many millions of people over seven decades.

On behalf of St Vincent’s Health Australia, we send our condolences to her family, and pray for the British people, for Australians and other members of the Commonwealth, and for all peoples who will be deeply moved at her passing.

Be blessed,

Paul McClintock AO,
Chair, SVHA

Ruth Martin,
Interim Group CEO, SVHA