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Meet Holly, Transplant Coordinator,
as seen on Nurses, Channel 7

“I’m incredibly privileged to be part of the transplant team at St Vincent’s. It’s extremely special- the patients we look after here…giving them a second go at life.”

In NSW, St Vincent’s is the only hospital that performs heart and lung transplants. Holly serves on this team as Transplant Coordinator, giving hope to 1,600 Australians on the wait list for a life-saving organ.

Holly, transplant coordinator


Meet Lucy, Midwife,
as seen on Nurses, Channel 7

“There’s no better feeling than seeing healthy babies born into the world, the miracle of birth is never lost on me. Coming to work is such a joy…To be a midwife here, I’m so proud. I just think it’s bloody awesome!”

Lucy trained in London before joining the St Vincent’s family at The Mater Hospital which has one of Sydney’s leading maternity units where around 2,500 babies are born every year.

Lucy, Midwife


Meet Kathryn, Nurse Unit Manager

“To be a nursing leader at St Vincent’s is an honour and a privilege…nursing opinions matter, and I always feel that our voice is heard. There are so many opportunities to develop your career here.”

Meet Kathryn, who joined the St Vincent’s family as a graduate nurse some 20 years ago. “Our organisation is innovative, creative, and empowers our nursing leaders to make a difference and strive forward…everyone has the same goal to deliver the best care for our patients.”

Kathryn OConnor Nurse Unit Manager


Meet Darren, Operational Nurse Unit Manager,
as seen on Nurses, Channel 7

“Everything we do relies on the bond between us all…I don’t think there’s a better job.”

Meet Darren, who moved to Australia from Scotland six years ago. His job is to support the nurses in the emergency department to ensure everything runs efficiently so that our people remained focused on delivering life-saving care.

Darren, operational nurse manager


Meet Michelle, Lifestyle Coordinator

Meet Michelle, a Lifestyle Coordinator at St Vincent’s Care for the past eight years. Michelle organises activities so that our aged care residents always have something to do. Anyone who knows Michelle well will often hear her singing as she works. Her favourite song to sing? 'You are My Sunshine’ which she often sings to residents and especially dementia residents whom she serves fondly. "Michelle gives 110% every single day and the residents love her as much as she loves them!" - Trish, fellow Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator.

Michelle, lifestyle coordinator


Meet Yoon, Resuscitation Nurse,
as seen on Nurses, Channel 7

St Vincent’s Emergency Department in NSW is one of the busiest trauma centres in Australia treating 1,000 patients every week. Yoon works predominately in the resuscitation area.

“I’ve always wanted to do something where it involves people…helping people just makes me feel good and working in the Emergency Department I get to do that every day. I feel like I can make a big impact.”

Yoon, resuscitation nurse


Meet Nakita, Perioperative Nurse,
as seen on Nurses, Channel 7

“Nurses are superheroes without capes, just in scrubs!”

Meet Nakita, who has been with the St Vincent’s family for six years.  Nakita is part of a specialist team of doctors and nurses at the St Vincent’s cardiothoracic surgical unit, which carries out more than 1,000 heart and lung operations every year. “I absolutely love my job. My mum’s actually a nurse and I just remember as a little girl seeing my mum in her uniform and I was just in awe…she just looked like superwoman!” Nakita continues in the footsteps of her mum as one of our healthcare superheroes.

Nikita, Perioperative Nurse


Meet Justin, Transport Coordinator

Meet Justin, a proud Bidjigal/Gadigal man from the La Perouse community. Justin joined St Vincents in 2015 as a driver transporting patients to other hospitals, appointments and private homes.

“During my time at St Vincent's, I have taken up professional development opportunities to upskill and recently I was asked to take on the role of Acting Manager of the Transport Department. I feel respected and acknowledged as an Aboriginal staff member and that we all respect each other’s cultures and background. I am learning more and more each year and I have made many friends along the way… I respect and appreciate the organisation that I work for, it has given me a job that I have grown into and I know that they are committed to improving health outcomes and creating employment pathways for my mob”.

Justin Dunn, transport officer


Current Openings

We’re always on the look out for more healthcare superheroes to join the St Vincent’s family. View all current opportunities in our hospitals and aged care facilities across NSW, QLD and VIC below. New opportunities are always popping up, so circle back here often!


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