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Our brand

The St Vincent’s Health Australia Brand

Our brand is an important channel to express our identity. It is made up of visual elements — typefaces, design, photography and colours — that combine to give all St Vincent’s Health Australia communications a distinct visual appearance. When used correctly, these three visual elements create a powerful and consistent experience across patient and resident care, education and research.

The emphasis should be placed on St Vincent’s Health Australia, which we define as the master brand.

The master brand strategy has a number of benefits for us:

  • It makes better use of resources by leveraging the use of our well-established St Vincent’s name, history and reputation.
  • It provides new opportunities for organisations and services aligned with our brand.
  • It helps maintain St Vincent’s Health Australia’s brand as a leader in healthcare.
  • It strengthens each St Vincent’s Health Australia’s entity, institution and service.

The Importance of Branding

The St Vincent’s Health Australia brand and its associated names and logos (together, known as our trademarks) are among our most valuable assets. The St Vincent’s Health Australia brand encompasses several names, including “SVHA,” “St Vincent’s,” “St Vincent’s Research” and “St V’s” — just to name a few — and their respective logos. Our widely recognised logos represent the excellence and innovation for which St Vincent’s Health Australia is known.

Public trust in St Vincent’s Health Australia is best served when the institutional logos and references to St Vincent’s Health Australia staff, volunteers and associated clinicians are used accurately and in the context of our mission to bring God’s love to those in need through the healing ministry of Jesus and our particular commitment people who are poor or vulnerable. Appropriate uses of the logos can advance this mission and reinforce the reputation of St Vincent’s Health Australia. However, public trust may be eroded or harmed when the name and logo are used inaccurately or to endorse or appear to endorse an outside product or service. St Vincent’s Health Australia actively protects its logos from improper and misleading uses.

St Vincent’s Health Australia as Master Brand

All branding – including but not limited to marketing, marketing messaging, communications, logos, signage and involving all the St Vincent’s Health Australia brands, – will use those names in conjunction with the broader enterprise master brand of St Vincent’s Health Australia. Emphasis should be placed on the master brand.

St Vincent’s Health Australia Brand guide

This guide is to be used to support the development of materials requiring use of hospital, facility or service logos and as a resource to inform the development of products or services.

This guide sets out the approved logos and design style for the facilities and services that comprise St Vincent’s Health Australia group of nonlisted companies operating under the stewardship of Mary Aikenhead Ministries.

A range of sample applications (letterheads, signage, business cards etc) are provided here for the information of users and designers. This is not an exhaustive list, but is intended to illustrate the style with which users must comply in applying logos and design style to communication collateral etc. Any use of a logo must conform with the requirements set out in this guide and be approved by

The information and content in these Style Guidelines is current as of October 2020. Applications for exceptions, and questions about use of logos and design style, should be lodged with the local facility Communications and/or Marketing Manager or

Understanding the St Vincent’s Story

Over 177 years ago five nuns from the Sisters of Charity endured a hazardous four-month journey across thousands of miles of ocean to venture to an unknown land called Australia. They were compelled by the original vision of their founder, Mary Aikenhead – to care for the poor and vulnerable.

St Vincent’s Health Australia has been serving Australians with compassionate health care since the first hospital was established in Sydney in 1857. From modest beginnings, St Vincent’s Health Australia (SVHA) today offers services in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria including public hospitals, private hospitals and aged care facilities.

The St Vincent’s Story (PDF)

Understanding the St Vincent’s Visual Identity

Our brandmarks outline the relationship and structure of all brands within the St Vincent’s Health Australia portfolio including the Masterbrand and Facility brand.

This identity unites all facilities, services and affiliated parties under one banner – a necessity given the diverse range of service offerings within the St Vincent’s Health Australia group.

The St Vincent’s Visual Identity (PDF)

Understanding the St Vincent’s Brand

Our brand is a commitment, a promise we make to ourselves, and each other. A promise about the standards we uphold in how we do business and how we relate to each other.

The St Vincent’s Visual Brand (PDF)

Sample executions and templates

Contact for final brand approval or enquiries

Sample guide (PDF)

Brand Toolkit

Contact your local communications or marketing team, or for logos, images and templates

We bring God’s love to those in need through the healing ministry of Jesus.

Under the stewardship of Mary Aikenhead Ministries

This website may contain images of deceased members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.
They are used with the greatest respect and appreciation.

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