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Caring for the environment

St Vincent's Health Australia's Mission is to bring God’s love to those in need through the healing ministry of Jesus. Implicit in this Mission is a duty to provide an environmentally responsible health care service. With the increasingly clear link between environmental degradation, climate change and the related health impacts, addressing environmental issues is showing care and compassion for people as well as the earth. We take this responsibility seriously and we are working to improve our environmental performance and reduce our impact.

Our objectives

St Vincent’s Health Australia's Environmental Policy outlines the key environmental objectives for the organisation over the next three years including our efforts to:

  • reduce the levels of energy and water consumption and generation of waste and emissions based on agreed benchmark target percentages
  • engage and educate staff on environmental issues and assist them to reduce environmental impacts where possible
  • comply with all legal, regulatory and reporting obligations
  • address environmental sustainability and quality requirements in the procurement of goods and services
  • ensure best practice in ecologically sustainable development (ESD) of our facilities including the allocation of a minimum 1-2 per cent in building cost funding to address environmental considerations
  • apply continuous improvement in environmental management
  • develop environmental and energy benchmarks for the organisation and its facilities as part of the development of an Environmental Management System (EMS), and
  • encourage research and innovation in environmental sustainability.

For more information or to provide feedback about environmental issues at St Vincent’s Health Australia, please contact us by email:

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